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The Mission of the Human Resources Department

„Ensuring qualified and motivated employees who identify with the company’s vision and values.“

Personnel Strategy

„Employees are the company’s greatest asset. We constantly care about their personal development and motivation, creating good working conditions and a positive working environment. It is only through teamwork that we achieve exceptional results in our performance.“

We rely on these values:

  • Pursuing a common goal
  • Supporting the professional development of employees
  • Rewarding success and valuing intrinsic motivation and effort
  • Placing emphasis on employee health
  • Creating social programs that support company culture and interpersonal relationships
  • Building good relationships with employees through open communication and truthful reporting of company results
  • Working closely with high schools and universities

Join us!

See what job vacancies we currently offer. If you enjoy working in engineering or want to learn something new, don't hesitate to contact us.


CNC Operator (m/f)

Looking for a new job opportunity? Do you enjoy working in engineering? Do you want to be part of a medium-sized engineering company with a team spirit? Do you mind working in a multi-shift operation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We offer training and a starting bonus of 10 K CZK!


We care about our employees, which is why we have a range of benefits.

In Production

  • Weekly working hours 37.5 hours (multi-shift operation)
  • Work bonus 5,000 CZK
  • Starting bonus (CNC operator) 10,000 CZK
  • Night shift allowance 25 CZK/hour
  • Afternoon shift allowance 15 CZK/hour
  • Continuous operation allowance 40 CZK/hour
  • Deburring allowance (quality control worker) 5 CZK/hour
  • Paid overtime with a 25% premium (weekend premium +10%)
  • Monthly bonus based on personal performance
  • Work clothes

In the Office

  • Modern working environment and cutting-edge technology
  • Weekly working hours 40 hours
  • Flexible working hours (flexible start and end times)
  • Home office option

For All

  • Friendly environment and job security
  • Opportunities for training and professional growth
  • 25 days of holiday
  • Flex passes for meeting work hour targets
  • Contributions to supplementary pension schemes
  • Contributions for children’s camps and massages
  • Discounted mobile tariff
  • Subsidized Multisport card
  • Subsidized meals in the canteen
  • Referral bonus for recommending a new employee 25,000 CZK
  • Semi-annual and annual bonuses based on company performance
  • Interest-free loans up to 40,000 CZK
  • Life anniversary rewards and more

Job applicant form

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    What awaits a new employee after joining our company?

    On the first day, the newcomer gets to know, among other things:

    • the structure of the company, its values, vision, and corporate culture
    • employee benefits, the adaptation process, and regular training

    There is a detailed “adaptation program” for all job positions. During the probationary period, you will:

    • get to know your teammates and supervisors
    • become familiar with company processes and quality standards
    • learn to use working and communication tools
    • learn about your tasks and goals
    • become familiar with work procedures and documentation
    • undergo various mandatory training courses

    Throughout the adaptation process, you will have a mentor who you can approach at any time for help or questions.

    CV Machining TALENT

    We know that students are our future, so we offer a range of opportunities.

    Professional Practice for High School Students

    We would like to contribute to the quality of students’ preparation for their future careers. We understand that securing a mandatory apprenticeship can be challenging, especially if you want to gain real experience and knowledge. But we are always happy to welcome you! We prefer students who are interested in the field and eager to learn something new. We reward students based on their approach to work and specific contributions.

    Internships for University Students

    We offer students of technical disciplines at universities the opportunity to gain practical experience while studying, tailored to their schedules. We provide responsible work and additional training, where the knowledge and skills acquired at school can be deepened and applied in practice.

    Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

    We offer support in the preparation of final bachelor’s and master’s theses, with several forms of collaboration available on an individual basis. Contact us, and we will see if we can find common ground! However, it all depends on the topic and the capacity of our staff.

    What We Expect from Students:

    • Initiative approach
    • Interest in the field
    • Willingness to develop professionally

    Experience of Working with Us:

    Ing. Žaneta Babiánková – former intern in the technical department, now a graduate of UTB Zlín and our new Industrial Engineer. The defense of her diploma thesis on “Design of Ergonomic Layout of the Finishing Operations Workplace in a Selected Company” took place in 2020.

    Jiří Sekera – currently a trainee in the production department, student at VUT – Brno, Process Management program

    We cooperate with