Forge CV Machining s.r.o.

Our machined forgings are mainly found in various market segments around the world:

  • in slow speed radial hydraulic motors and systems
  • in trucks
  • in automotive components with a focus on e-mobility
  • in lifting and handling technology
  • in agricultural technology

CNC Turning

  • Horizontal CNC lathes with sliding guide
  • Vertical CNC lathes with palletizing
  • Turning of flanged parts up to a diameter of approx. 400 mm and a length of up to 500 mm
  • Control systems SIEMENS, OSP-P300LA
  • Machining of parts up to 15 kg

CNC Milling

  • Horizontal CNC milling machines, 4 axes, with rotary table, single spindle
  • Vertical CNC milling machines, 3-4 axes, with 2 and 4 spindle rotary table
  • Maximum table size X=730 mm, Y=730 mm, Z=800 mm
  • Autonomous robotic workpiece dressing
  • Robotic handling of semi-finished products and workpieces
  • Control systems SIEMENS, FANUC
  • Machining of parts up to 18 kg

CNC Broaching

  • Vertical CNC broaching machine with the capability of broaching up to three pieces
  • Broaching of parts up to a diameter of 100 mm
  • Broaching mandrel length up to 2 000 mm
  • SIEMENS control systems
  • Broaching of parts up to 18 kg

Industrial Washing Machines

  • The diameter of the washing basket is 750 mm and the height is 400 mm
  • SIMATIC control systems
  • Washing parts up to a weight of approximately 10 kg

Quality Control

  • 3D laboratory measuring instrument: ZEISS
  • DURAMAX workshop gauge, Contour gauge, Roughness gauge
  • Camera inspection of thread position
  • Camera inspection of gear position

What is our vision in the technical area?

Increase production efficiency
  • We focus on machining large series. In this environment, there are pressures from both sides – extensive competition and high price pressure from customers. It’s like “many hounds and the prey getting smaller”. That’s why we need to be lean, fast and accurate.
  • The task of engineers is to create optimal conditions for production – stable processes and the replacement of routine work by automation and robotics.
  • For appropriate series to manage multi-spindle machining of complex, intricate workpieces.
Acquire new projects
  • Our ambition is to be the partner of choice for new projects of interesting customers.
  • We are devoting great energy to a higher level of robotization. Handling automation is the basic level, we robotize the appropriate machining operations, thus obtaining higher productivity of our machine tools. We introduce camera inspections of semi-finished and finished workpieces during the production process or during robotic packaging before shipment. We value the health of our production colleagues; we need skilled people for creative activities.
  • We develop our technical equipment and thinking through a method of continuous improvement.
  • Introduce new technologies that increase our created (added) value.
Control over information
  • Deep monitoring of machines and digitalization of data collection as two pillars for data acquisition and its conversion into information with evaluation of status and trends.
  • We are looking for a higher solution than just replacing paper with a keyboard or touchscreen monitor.
  • Our goal is to communicate DIGI and MONI. MONI registers the situation and performs analyses on the machine by reading signals – e.g. alarms. DIGI evaluates it in terms of the production process and, if it is a non-standard situation, requests clarification from the operator. We are not afraid of hard data, it serves us to improve processes. We improve performance by optimizing logistics, ensuring process stability, increasing production parameters, not by speeding up walking or people movements.


“The company’s greatest asset is its employees. We constantly take care of their personal development and motivation, we create good working conditions and a working environment for them. It is only thanks to teamwork that we achieve extraordinary results in our performances”.

We rely on these values:

  • We are pursuing a common goal
  • We support the professional development of employees
  • We reward success and value intrinsic motivation and effort
  • We emphasize the health of employees
  • We create a social program that supports corporate culture and interpersonal relationships
  • We build good relations with employees through open communication and truthful information about the company’s results
  • We work closely with secondary schools and universities

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