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Specialist in productive machining of metal materials

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The company was established by spinning off the forge machining plant of CV Machining s.r.o. The new history of the company began after its independence in 2018.


We provide comprehensive solutions to customers in the field of machining. We are experts in machining small and large series forgings.


A company committed to the idea of improving the quality of life through the evolution of technology.


High tech company in the field of metal machining.

Our values


Mutual cooperation is part of our corporate culture


We follow trends, continuously improve our services, increase our knowledge


We are an equal partner to our customers and suppliers

Why do you work at CV Machining s.r.o.?

When I was deciding why to go to work for CV Machining s.r.o., the most important factor in my decision was a very short tour of the facility. In those five minutes or so, I sensed the potential of the operation's technological capabilities and understood that the company was not afraid to invest in modern technology and automation. In the time I have been working here, we have completed many projects - from small ones to automating entire production lines. Now, perhaps the final preparations are behind us for the transformation to Industry 4.0, which I don't want to miss.

Petr Janáč

Head of Machining Technology

I decided to work at CV Machining s.r.o. because I needed practical experience after school. Even though I have been employed for a short time, I have quickly joined a team of colleagues who make a great team. Employee benefits were an advantage, as was the supportive management when I decided to continue my studies further.

Matej Kubaloš

CNC Operator

My entire professional career has been in the manufacturing industry. I work at CV Machining s.r.o. because it is a company interested in introducing new ways of manufacturing, i.e., combining CNC machining with the use of automation and robotics. This connection is manifested in CV Machining s.r.o. and in the human sphere through the blending of multiple technical and non-technical professions into a single entity that achieves a team-based goal. This is the main fulfilling factor of my work at CV Machining s.r.o.

Martin Kulenda

Head of Technical Preparation


“The company’s greatest asset is its employees. We constantly take care of their personal development and motivation, we create good working conditions and a working environment for them. It is only thanks to teamwork that we achieve extraordinary results in our performances”.

We rely on these values:

  • We are pursuing a common goal
  • We support the professional development of employees
  • We reward success and value intrinsic motivation and effort
  • We emphasize the health of employees
  • We create a social program that supports corporate culture and interpersonal relationships
  • We build good relations with employees through open communication and truthful information about the company’s results
  • We work closely with secondary schools and universities

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See what job vacancies we currently offer. If you enjoy working in engineering or want to learn something new, don’t hesitate to contact us.


CNC Operator (m/f)

Looking for a new job opportunity? Do you enjoy working in engineering? Do you want to be part of a medium-sized engineering company with a team spirit? Do you mind working in a multi-shift operation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We offer training and a starting bonus of 10 K CZK!

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